Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top Naples Florida Restaurants

Food is a part of travelling. One must not miss the heavenly taste of the local and some international dishes that Naples, Florida’s restaurants offer to every visitor that come into their place. Making this an ultimate goal while visiting the most wonderful place a person could ever be.
There a several restaurants in Naples that is commended due to the great menu and services that they have. This is something that people are looking for, a nice ambiance, cheerful and efficient customer service and a menu that really is mouth-watering.

So here is some of the top Editor’s Pick when it comes to great cuisines from different restaurants in Naples, Florida.

·         When it comes to international cuisines, Naples has a wide variety of restaurants wherein people could choose their own preference of food. Here is the Top 5 International Restaurants that tourist may come into and enjoy the menu.

o   Amore Ristorante- this is a place for visitors who enjoy Italian cuisine. Excellent food and one-of-a-kind service uplifts it Italian ambiance that it has. Located at the Neapolitan Way Shopping Center, people will surely enjoy this one great treat that they has.
o   Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro- unique in Naples area due to the undeniably great Persian cuisine that they have. Simply one of the best restaurants that people can come into and try whole new different types of food they will surely enjoy. It is also known for its exceptional Persian artworks and rugs.
o   Campellio- serves Tuscan cuisines that are perfect for those who are looking for food with a special kick. Located in the Third St, this restaurant got a very spacious area complete with dining and bar areas that will turn every guest into great amazement. They use the traditional wood-burning oven in cooking their food thus getting the food’s finest taste.
o   Pazzo!- is one of the best priced Italian restaurant in Naples Florida. Offering different kind of Italian cuisine, one will go for every menu that they could have just to taste the Italian recipes that they have been longing for to have.
o   Meson Ole Restaurant- is known for its Spanish and Mexican cuisines that are really enjoyed by most tourists in the area. They are also famous for their Mexican coffee that has a different aroma that melts one’s heart.

·         When it comes to the continental American cuisine, these are the best restaurants to go into.
o   Chops City Grill- said to have the “Best Steaks in Town”.
o   M Waterfront Grill- serves most of the resident’s most favorite seafood dishes that will be enjoyed by many seafood lovers.
o   Bay House Restaurant- with the great scenery that it has, one can really enjoy eating different kinds of dishes without having to seek for the best position for sight-seeing.
o   Shula’s- a restaurant owned by one of the most popular football legend Don Shula. This is where one can have a taste of the best beef steaks, lobster and other seafood is being offered.
o   The Dock at Crayton Cove- is where visitors can experience one great sight of the Naples Bay view. There are many cuisines to choose from but they are most famous with their fresh seafood being served.

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