Monday, February 14, 2011

Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks of Naples, Florida

There are a lot of this that tourist can do when they are visiting the most historic and perfect getaway of all times. Simple pleasures will be satisfied with all the great adventures that one can experience with travelling around Naples, Florida.

Some of the activities and historical landmarks that are worth visiting for many adventure seekers and tourist out there are homed in the great paradise or Naples are the following:

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
Located in southwest Florida, this National Audubon Society sanctuary was established to protect the largest remaining stands of Bald Cypress and Pond Cypress that are feared to be gone due to the excessive logging of trees that are being performed in the rainforests of North and South America.  This society was formed in the year 1956 to protect the area from unwanted illegal loggers and prevent this kind of activity thus preserving the natural habitat of the said species of Cypress trees. Education trips can be done in this place thus help many people to know more about the ways to protect mother nature- the trees and the animals.

Naples Pier
This is where to perfectly end the day. The great scenery of the perfect sunset will always be something special to see with your loved one. This is a 1000 foot long pier that is most famous for the “T” shaped dock that it has.
Naples Museum Parks
Due to the history that Naples had, it is very great to take a glimpse of what Naples was before and what innovations it had gone through. Taking into consideration all the artifacts that have been the remnants of the past, present and future history of Naples, people just can’t forget the history based upon the featured artifacts in the museum parks of Naples Florida.

Naples Zoo
Kids would truly love this! With a collection of different animals coming from different parts of the world, Naples Zoo is one of the most visited places in Naples, Florida. The management often offers a wide variety of activity parks were people would enjoy the sight that will make them have the most unforgettable vacation in town.

The Waterside Shops
Shopping for different kinds of stuffs, from apparels, accessories, toys and souvenirs, you will definitely enjoy having the best shopping experience here at the Waterside Shop. It is an establishment that contains at least 45 stores to choose from. So to all serious shoppers out there, visiting The Waterside Shop is one of the best deals when it comes to shopping galore at its finest.

Thinking of all the list of what fun activities that tourist can do in Naples, Florida, we might run out of ideas! With all the beautiful attractions and white sand beaches in town, you will never get bored while having your most priced vacation in Naples, Florida. It is always great to know the rich activities that visitors can enjoy about when they visit this wonderful and historical town. 

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